TEMPORAL arrangements OCTOBER 2, 2019 - JANUARY 17, 2020

Egg Collective is pleased to announce “Temporal Arrangements”, a group exhibition featuring the work of Rodger Stevens, Amy Kim Keeler, Jenna Westra, Simone Bodmer Turner and Jeff Martin. Temporal Arrangements examines the concept and question of how an artist imparts a sense of time to form and materials. When visual spaces are used as the indicators of a moment that occurred and disappeared, of speed or of patience, can the physical manifestation of time and form influence our politics, our perception of the body and governance, can outline and void become communication when methodically arranged?

Whether the process is one of freezing a fleeting moment, calling attention to fears for the future, preserving a space destroyed or using time and material to create a personal, contemporary yet somehow ancient and universal language, these artists through their intentionality and the inherent properties of their chosen mediums create works that probe notions of what we miss when we value expediency without awareness of process or consequence.


simone bodmer turner

JEff Martin


rodger stevens