Mimi Jung (b. 1981)

Mimi Jung examines multiple dimensions of self-preservation, particularly as it relates to private and public self-representation, and the ways in which those depictions are manifest through social and cultural mores. Her constructed forms, with their voids and translucencies,are fixed but never static; the viewer actively controls the experience of transit around and through them—reflecting inward on their own behaviors. In the end, Jung’s limning of space is reflexive, visible to those who are predisposed to see it.

The Live Edge series abstracts the fixed notion of the grid, as the weft travels through the framed wall works with the quality of a drawn line. The resulting forms are simultaneously fixed and fluid. Individual strands of the warp are isolated by inserting space between, exposing the inner structure. This isolation works to affect light, producing an illusion of beams radiating between forms. Here, density of form against void, amplified by the surface’s pilosity, confuses the flatness of the woven plane and invites a figure-ground division. The voids in Live Edge lend a dimensional, sculptural physicality to the most two-dimensional piece in her body of work, influencing and engaging the space around, through and behind.

Born in 1981 in Seoul, Korea, Mimi Jung received a BFA from Cooper Union and attended HGK Basel and Städelschule for postgraduate studies. She has mounted exhibitions through out the United States including Chamber gallery, Nina Johnson gallery, Carvalho Park gallery and Design Miami. Her work has also been exhibited in Les Gens Heureux in Copenhagen, Collectible in Brussels, Somerset House in London and National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

Rust Live Edge Forms, 2018

Mohair, cotton, aluminum sheet, aluminum frame

50 h x 30 w x 2 d inches