Mira Nakashima - Console.jpg

Console table, 2006

Redwood with walnut base

39” (L) x 14” (W) x 29” (H)

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When her father passed away in 1990, Mira Nakashima took over as main creative director for George Nakashima’s studio. Since then, she has continued the studio’s tradition of the woodworker’s devotion to the sacrifice of the tree and has preserved the studio’s methods and techniques embraced by her father. With over 40 years of practice in the studio, Mira Nakashima has an unprecedented intuitive and technical knowledge of the character and qualities of wood. A designer in her own right, she has taken the traditional designs to a new artistic level, as demonstrated in her recent collections. However, her choices of where to cut the wood varies at an instinctual level from that of her father’s interpretations. The boards Mira marks suggest their own contours and dimensions. Mira says, “A tree is perhaps our most intimate contact with nature- each tree, each part of a tree, has its own particular destiny, its own special yearning to be fulfilled.”

Born in Seattle, Washington in 1942, Mira grew up in New Hope, Pennsylvania, where her father built his home and studio. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Sciences from Harvard University in 1963, and then went on to complete a Master of Architecture at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan in 1966.