Sonwai - Bracelet.jpg

Silver tufa cast peek-a-boo bracelet, 2017

turquoise, coral, lapis lazul, silver

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tufa cast bracelet with overlay of cast badger hand, 2018

18k gold

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Hoop earrings, 2008

turquoise, corals, lapis lazuli, sugulite, 18k gold.

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Silver tufa cast band ring, 2018

Corals, turquoise, lapis Lazuli, 18k gold, silver

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Verma Nequatewa (Sonwai) Verma began helping her uncle, Charles Loloma, with jewelry while she was still in high school. After high school she continued her apprenticeship with him for over two decades. She credits her uncle with being an excellent teacher and allowing her to both learn from him and develop her own ideas at the same time.

When the Loloma gallery closed in 1989, Verma began her own studio using the name of Sonwai. During her years of apprenticeship, Verma developed a close relationship with gallery owner Lovena Ohl, who was most encouraging to her development. Lovena’s support was mirrored by Bill Faust when he began working for Lovena. After Lovena’s passing, it was natural that Verma would continue with Bill at the Faust Gallery. Verma now also works with the gallery Shiprock Santa Fe, in Santa Fe, NM. and Raven Makes Gallery in Sisters, OR.

Since the advent of Sonwai, Verma has done shows in New York, Florida, Germany, Colorado, New Jersey, Texas, Chicago, Washington, D.C. as well as regularly showing in Scottsdale and Santa Fe. She has been featured in 30 books and articles and was chosen to design the annual award for the Arizona Foundation for Women for four years. Her work has been featured in 9 museum shows.

Verma continues to combine her Hopi heritage with the training from her uncle and her abilities in jewelry and lapidary work to create masterworks that delight audiences all over the world.


Courtesy of sonwai