For NYCxDesign Week 2018, female-owned-&-led design studio Egg Collective presented "Designing Women II: Masters, Mavericks, Mavens". Conceived of as a conversation across both time and space, the second iteration of the show built upon the critical acclaim of 2017's inaugural show, and featured an international roster of work from both contemporary and historical female voices. Co-curated with Lora Appleton, the founder of kinderMODERN and The Female Design Council, the selected works were intended to foster a conversation about how women have achieved success, blazed trails, and furthered their craft over time. 

Works by: Bari Ziperstein, Cini Boeri, Egg Collective, Geta Manusson Grossman, Heidi Abrahamson, Katie Stout, Kristin Victoria Barron, Leza Mcvey, Lilian Holm, Marta Palmieri, Mary Giles, Mimi Jung, Mira Nakashima, Nanna Ditzel, Natalie Weinberger, Nicola L, Rooms, Sabine Marcelis, Sonwai, and Winsome Brave

In partnership with: R & Company, The Future Perfect, Hostler Burrows, Etage Projects, Christina Grajales Gallery, Mark McDonald, and Lost City Arts





In May of 2017, Egg Collective curated the group show “Designing Women”, bringing together 15 New York-based female design companies at Egg Collective’s Soho Showroom. The show highlighted women at all stages in their careers working in a variety of materials, scales, and disciplines.

The widely acclaimed show, was curated by the three co-founders of Egg Collective after the trio had a series of frank conversations about what it meant to be women in the design industry, and in the world at large, in the year 2017. The show was intended to called attention to the inequities that still remain for women, encourage diversity of representation for women and minorities, and celebrate the wealth of talented women working in the New York design community.

Works by: Anna Karlin, Bec Brittain, Brvtvs, Deborah Ehrlich, Dana Barnes, Callidus Guild, Egg Collective, Ensemble, High Gloss, Hiroko Takeda, Lindsey Adelman, Kinder Modern, Maria Moyer, Moving Mountains, and Object and Totem

In support of : Girls Inc